SPEL CardioSys CO

SPEL (Solution Pack for Experimental Laboratories) Cardio is a Cardiac Output measuring, recording and analysis software. Measurement based on thermodilution method. The software provides online evaluation and automated calculation procedures for the measurements.

The system contains 3 chart displays.
First chart continuously displays the blood pressure, second chart shows the trends of the BP derivatives (SBP, DBP, MBP). The third chart displays the actual CO measurement.
The numeric values of the derivatives can be read at the right side of the software. Here can be see the other measured and calculated data (as Heart Rate, Temperature, and CO values) too.
Software uses three physical AD channel (Blood Pressure, Temperature and Temp.Indicator) for the data acquisition.

The system must be calibrated before starting the measurement. This can be done on the Calibration pane. Here can be find the calibration settings of the 3 physical channel. The channels can be verified with a two-point calibration procedure. The Temperature Indicator is optional: if no such device connected to the system, then the related reference-value must enter manually. The calibration can be save into setup files, so later can be open the desired file, and the previously performed settings become immediately active.

If the system is already calibrated, the measurement may begin. At the start of the measuring, the system first asks for basic details of the experiment and then enters to measuring mode. The recording has not yet starts at this moment, this will start with the Record button. The experiment file can contain several recording session. It means, that during the experiment the recording can be stop and start several times.

CO measuring is available if recording is active. Successively several CO measurements can be performed. If the dilution curve and calculated values of the given CO measuring is appropriate, then evaluated data can be placed in the built-in datasheet with just one click. The following data will be put in the datasheet: SBP, MBP, DBP, HR, BTMP, ITMP, +dTMP, CO trend, CO, SV, MBP*HR, MBP/CO, CO index, MBP*CO, integral factor.
The curves of the saved CO-values can be displayed on each other, where each curve has its own color code.

The measured and derived values may be switched to automatic alarm function. This function generates a warning if the given value steps out from the predetermined range. This alarm may be visual (beside the numeric displays), and/or tone as well.