Procon - Process Control System

Procon is an actor-oriented programmable process control system. It can be use in many fields of application such as manufacturing process control, complex status monitoring/analysis and alarming functions, complicated measurement tasks, computer-based role play games or artificial intelligence research and development.

The engine of the system is a dinamically extensible flexible hierarchical net of organized events, which can be efficiently developed with the integrated parser and compiler.
The projects created in Procon system have full multimedia possibilities, thus in addition to message-based communication, voice-, image- and video-object handling is carried out. The system provides both DirectX and OpenGL surfaces for 2D or 3D graphics. The project code can be run and debug within the editor. System offers detailed test-functions for debugging and logic analysis. Procon can be connected to external devices via interfaces, thus the system is able to control several external hardwares.

Main features: The above list constitutes the main elements of the system, which allows to create and run complex events and connections.