PG-S8 - Digital Pattern Generator

PG-S8 is a PC-based Digital Pattern Generator. The software controls external pattern generator hardware via USB interface. Generator produces TTL-level square waves according to the previously built user-specified patterns. Device is able to control 8 high speed Digital Outputs (DO) from binary sequences with external or internal clock timer. Maximum generator speed is 500 kHz.
The system is designed for our DIO U08500 pattern generator device, but other known pattern-capable devices can be used. In this case, the maximum generator frequency depends on the used hardware.

Main features:
Numerous edit functions are available to create and edit complex multichannel pattern combinations. The patterns can be modified during active pattern generation; the changes are - depending on the setting - immediately validated. Quick test helps to filter logical conjunctions (interference) specified in the search condition, and to detect their occurrences (time positions and number of occurences).
System and DO channels can be started/stopped manually (immediate) or synchronized (trigger).