CardioSys H-01 * Cardiovascular Diagnostic System

Cardiosys H-01 is a human ECG diagnostic software with the latest analitic procedures. In addition to measuring resting and exercise electrocardiogram up to 12 leads, it can handle external blood pressure device connected to system, from which the software reads, displays and records the measured blood pressure values, and with the special mathematic and morphologic algorithms, analises the recorded ECG signals. As a result, the detailed ECG analysis determines, inter alia, the RR and QT variability as well.

Features: While the traditional ECG analysis systems can show only QT interval prolongation, referring to heart muscle damage, the Cardiosys is able to detect the previous disturbances such as disturbances in repolarization which cause no clinical symptoms. Thus, the system has a unique role to play in the preventing of polymorphic ventricular tachicardia (torsades de pointes) which leads to ventricular fibrillation caused sudden cardiac death. Measurement of QT interval temporal variability (QTV) is a new method to prevent arrhythmias, which allows the patient time to get medical attention. The Cardiosys excellent partner in this important public health issue.

Great advantage in clinical pharmacology studies, where it can show the impact of the new compounds and medical drug combinations caused hidden repolarization disturbance without QT prolongation.
In addition the system provides QT dispersion analysis as well.

Automatic ECG analysis is capable of handling the negative T wave and determining the isoelectric level.
During the analysis the software automatically identifies and marks the points of the ECG complex. These points can be modify manually. Thereafter the evaluated data can be placed in a built-in datasheet with just one click.

The ECG curves, which were obtained during the analysis, can be archived and later re-evaluated. The measured data and the evaluated sections can be exported easily either images or data format.

In addition, the software can be used in autonomic nervous system related cardiovascular reflex testing. It able to measure the heart rate and blood pressure changes during respiration, Valsalva maneuver, handgrip and standing up.

The system allows rapid, direct blood pressure measuring, with the help of the blood pressure control panel.

Autonomous neuropathia examinations (Ewing-tests):
The software, in addition, offers an integrated Report Editor, in which the test results can be editing, printing or saving (rtf format) for later processing. Report Editor is able to use pre-formatted document-templates (such as test reports, test sheets) quickly and simply, and able to fill documents out automatically.

The patients' data and the related ECG-records can be open, edit and delete via the Patient Manager window, so the user does not need to worry about operating system-level file operations; all data, with simple and clear structure, is available on the Patient Manager.
The Patient Manager provides opportunity to organize patients into various groups, and here can be reach the patient-based export and import functions too.

Possible application fields of CardioSys H-01: