Aurex - Hearing Test System

Aurex is a medical diagnostic system for hearing tests and examinations. The system, based on the predefined protocol, can automatically carry out the inspection, but fully manual measurement also allowed.
The default measuring protocol is based on the commonly used Békésy audiometry. In addition to standard pure tone audiometry, it is possible to carry out special hearing tests such as speech audiometry, speech-in-noise test, whispered voice test, and many more.
During examinations, audiogram can be monitored continuously.

The patients' data and the related records and audiograms can be open, edit and delete via the Patient Manager window, so the user does not need to worry about operating system-level file operations; all data, with simple and clear structure, is available on the Patient Manager.
The Patient Manager provides opportunity to organize patients into various groups, and here can be reach the patient-based export and import functions too.

At the end of the examination, the patient's hearing threshold, within the different frequencies, will be determined. Finally, the software will propose a diganosis.
The software offers an integrated Report Editor, in which the test results can be editing, printing or saving (rtf format) for later processing. Report Editor is able to use pre-formatted document-templates (such as test reports, test sheets) quickly and simply, and able to fill documents out automatically.