About Us

The development team of Logirex Ltd. had established the Logirex Software Lab in 1986, which has been present in the computing field since the appearance of first PCs. Our company Logirex Ltd. was founded in 1998 by the Software Lab members. Our main activity is development of measuring & data analysis and data acquisition systems and preparation of system design specification and function specification.
In the past more than ten years, a number of research and development work we have participated. Our developments involving a variety of research areas, but primarily the various medical, biomedical developments are in the focus.

We developed many internationally recognized system, such the biomedical purposed HaemoSys 16 channels haemodynamic measuring & data analysis software, the IsoSys 16 channnels isolated organ/tissue measuring & data analysis software, the Cardio CO thermodilution-based cardiac output measuring and analysis software, or our last development the CardioSys H-01 12 leads cardiovascular diagnostic system with ECG monitoring, measuring and analysis functions.
These systems are used in numerous international pharmaceutical company, research institute, scientific laboratory, university and medical education laboratory with great satisfaction. Our featured partner in our biomedical developments is Experimetria Ltd, whom, over the years, we have had a great deal of experience in designing and development of these systems.
Worth mentioning among our medical developments, the Aurex hearing test system, which offers a handy but fully automated mechanism.
Our other outstanding system is Refrix, designed for measuring, recording and analyzing changes in refractive index of liquids. This software contains informative user interface and effective analysis functions.

Electronics technicians, electrical engineers, electroacoustic labs use our virtual instruments as standard equipment: the TGS-C2 tone generator, the FGS-C2 function generator, and the DM-F2 digital multimeter. Our Acoustix system designed for special electroacoustic measurements, Tranzix created for advanced measurements of electronic components. The PG-S8 digital pattern generator can be used in a wide area from digital hardware testing to biological experiments.
Our plans include a 2-MHz digital oscilloscope, and a 16-channel logic analyzer development as well.

In addition to development of multi-channel recording and signal processing systems, we participate in many different experimental developments. Thus our topics include, inter alia, design of cognitive self-learning system, and automation of technological steps to manage systems based on complex protocol.

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